Well, after many months of hard work and support from our Evolutionary Christianity community, it’s finally here…

The Complete 44-Part Downloadable Set of Evolutionary Christianity Seminar Audios, Transcripts, and Reflection Questions is now available for purchase at the discounted “Early Bird” price of $97, to make it as affordable as possible for all of you who participated in “The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity” series.

The Early-Bird price of $97 will end next Monday, April 25th (the day after Easter).

The following day, Tuesday the 26th, is when we will be announcing the set to the public for $147 (the standard price).

As this historic conversation series evidenced 44 times in 44 ways, not only need there be no conflict between Christianity and evolution, religious faith can be strengthened and deepened by what God is revealing through science!

Science-rejecting creationism and faith-rejecting atheism are not the only games in town. Tens of millions in the middle, represented by the 38 luminaries in this series (and hopefully you too), see no conflict between faith and reason, heart and head, Jesus and Darwin.

Gain access to all 38 audios of the one-on-one conversations, 6 panel discussions, full transcripts, and guidelines for personal reflection and journaling, here.

Please note that this personal study version is meant for INDIVIDUAL USE.

In June we will release an INSTITUTIONAL VERSION designed for pastors, religious educators, college and seminary professors, high school teachers, school board chairs, cell group leaders, continuing education instructors, spiritual directors, etc, which will include a comprehensive study guide.

The Institutional Study Guide will foster group discussion and/or student response in a wide range of settings.

For each episode in the series, the Study Guide will provide the leader with a list of the topical highlights, suggested audiences, keywords, and a dozen or more questions for discussion or reflection.

The questions will be supplemented with relevant quotations and longer passages drawn directly from the transcripts, thus providing crucial background.

The guide will also include recommendations for selecting among the 38 episodes and 6 panels, when time limitations, theological preferences, venues, and age considerations indicate that leaders should work with subsets of the full series.

For now, however, we encourage you to get the individual set for your own personal growth and learning. You can easily and inexpensively upgrade to the Institutional version when it becomes available in June.

Regardless of your background or beliefs — whether you consider yourself conservative, moderate, liberal, or “spiritual but not religious” — NOW is the time to discover how a sacred deep-time view of grace and guidance can expand your faith and inspire and empower you in ways that believers in the past could only dream of.

Please know that investing in this offering will not only give you access to the full suite of educational materials for individual use.

It will also enable us to continue our work and to recoup the costs of producing the series (which we offered for free in December and January, while the conversations were being conducted, recorded, and professionally edited).

Find out all you need to know to get your digital copy of the full set, here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask: Feedback@EvolutionaryChristianity.com

Come June, Connie and I will be able to celebrate the end of 7 months of demanding, but invigorating, work on this conversation series and supplemental resources.

We look forward to watching how the ripples will carry the “good news” of evolution and of evolutionary faith in ever wider circles.

With deepest gratitude,

~ Michael Dowd and the entire Evolutionary Christianity Team