The Divine Dynamic: Exploring the Relationship Between Humans, Earth, and the Creative Power of the Universe, by John Surette, S.J.

In this series of short reflections suitable for individual and group use, Connie’s and my dear friend and colleague John Surette, a long-time Epic of Evolution enthusiast, uses passages from the Bible to explore how humans are part of what he calls “The Divine Dynamic” of the Universe. This book offers a fresh way for Christians to think about God, the planet of which we are a part, and the ways we relate to one another.


•  The Promise of More
•  Mystics with a Small “M”
•  The Immensities
•  Soul Size
•  Interface
•  The Cosmic Banquet
•  Eco-Justice
•  Domains of Emergence
•  The Planatary Human

The 156-page, 6 x 8″ book sells for $14.95 and is available from the Ministry of the Arts or from ACTA Publications. It is also available from booksellers nationwide.


“The Divine Dynamic becomes a human dynamic only when we embrace our cosmic destiny and Earthlings, ‘intimately woven within the fabric of the universe.’ John Surette weaves together scientific insights, Christian wisdom, and human aspiration, creating a synthesis that offers direction and hope for our turbulent times.” —Diarmuid O’Murchu, MSC, social psychologist

“This book invites us into a journey of deepening confidence and courage, a journey that enables us to orient ourselves to our unique roles in bringing forth a vibrant Earth Community.” —Brian Swimme, cosmologist

“What does the astounding revelation of our universe, ancient and immense beyond all imagining, have to do with us? Who can help us “take it in” and make the “up close and personal” connections with our daily working, loving, and belonging? John Surrette does just this, in language consciousness that can heal our world.” —Mary Southard, CJS, artist

About the Author

John Surette, SJ, is a member of the New England Province of Jesuits and has been a priest for almost fifty years. Since his teen years planet Earth has been his spiritual guide. He has degrees in chemistry, philosophy, and theology. For sixteen years he worked in the Caribbean islands and territories as chemistry teacher, adult educator, and community organizer. These years were followed by several other in which he gave retreats based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. For the past twenty years he has traveled about North American giving retreats and workshops on eco-spirituality and cosmological themes. Currently he lives in a suburb of Chicago where he is involved with Spiritearth, a center for spirituality, contemplation, and justice for the Ecozoic Age and also with The Well, an eco-spirituality center. The focus of his life continues to be listening to the primary revelation – God’s Universe and its Earth – and assisting other to listen as well.

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